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If you’re a mum or a dad and have experienced bad treatment at work because you were pregnant or maternity/paternity leave we want to hear from you. Tell your story to the When I Had My Baby Campaign.

Before the economic downturn, 30 000 women lost their jobs each year because of pregnancy discrimination and half of all pregnant women at work experienced some form of pregnancy discrimination. Since the downturn began, things have become worse.

The NHS is required to make 20 billion in ‘efficiency savings’ over the next four years. This is impacting on frontline maternity services through cuts to services.

What is happening in your local maternity service?

It is really useful for us to hear your stories so we can persuade the Government that there really is a problem. We would like to publish some of the stories on our website, but we won’t publish anything without contacting you first. We won’t use your real name or your employer’s name or anything other detail which would identify you.

If you would like information and advice about your situation, please click here. We are working with the Royal College of Midwives to protect maternity services.

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